Variety Of Conditions

Why Pam highly recommends Dr. Jere.

“Dr. Jere has been the main doctor for me and my family for almost 30 years. No matter what we need a doctor for we go to Dr. Jere first. As a result we have all learned a lot about natural health and how to handle illnesses, injuries and body problems without drugs.

“Dr. Jere is someone who I can recommend to others with 100% certainty that he will take great care of those I refer to him. I know that he will take care of the person’s symptoms while treating for the cause of the problem.”

-Pam A.

Ken feels like a new man thanks to Dr. Jere.

“I’ve been having a severe problem that no one seemed to be able to correctly diagnose. After seeing six urologists (three of whom said I had a hernia), getting an ultrasound and various other tests I finally got my answer. This came from a short but thorough exam by Dr. Jere Jarrett. The whole thing was a pulled ligament. This has been going on for three years and getting worse and worse. With Vitamins, chiropractic adjustments and massage I feel like Elizabeth Taylor i.e. ‘I feel like a new man.’ Thanks Dr. Jere and your terrific staff.”

-Ken H.

No more dizziness or headaches for Bonnie.

“Thank you Dr. Jere! You have helped my vertigo tremendously. My doctors were giving me medication and sending me for tests and after a few adjustments all my symptoms have ceased. No more dizziness or headaches and even my allergies are better. Thanks!”

-Bonnie W.

Thanks to Dr. Jere, Ed now has a regular heartbeat.

“When I came to Dr. Jere, several local doctors and my home cardiologist could not get my irregular heartbeat under control. After three visits to Dr. Jere my heartbeat became regular and has been since. As a side effect my blood pressure has greatly improved. Thank you. Also, in the first visit he corrected a chronic lower pain of over 20 years.”

-Ed B.

Dr. Jere brought Joel’s ankle back to life.

“Two weeks ago Dr. Jere addressed an ankle injury that had been swollen for thirteen years. Today was the follow-up visit. I told him that that ankle is 90% healed, operating and stronger than it has been since corrective surgery. Dr. Jere has brought my ankle back to life!”

-Joel A.

Dr. Jere has kept Jerry on his feet and out of pain.

“Though I came to Family Life for another reason their tender care has begun to handle a 10 year problem of being in pain whenever I would spend a half hour or more walking or standing on my feet. The pain in both feet was, to say the least ‘crying stuff.’ In the last week I spent a whole day on my feet with very little discomfort. Need I say more!”

-Jerry G.

Ethel had just about given up on having a normal life until she met Dr. Jere.

“I’m almost 62-years-old and have had acid reflux for most of my adult life. I had numerous other problems as well. The first treatment was about me and what Dr. Jere could do to make my life better and a better quality of life.

“I have only been coming for a few days and it is amazing the changes I am going through. I had just about given up on having a normal life; then I met Dr. Jere. If you seem to have no hope of getting better, don’t give up! I think you will be very glad you didn’t. I sure am. Good health and happiness can be found. God put me in the right place for just that.”

-Ethel T.

Dennis recommends Dr. Jere for honest and sane healthcare.

“After only 10 visits, I’ve dramatically improved my health. I weighed 227 lbs (6’1″) and sluggish, overweight, just quit smoking, adrenalin out-of-whack, etc.

“I now weigh 189, body feeling great and running like a fine tuned machine. Light, lots of energy. Detoxified. Alert. And all without drugs or other ineffective or destructive or relatively insane practices of some “medical doctors.” I recommend Dr. Jere for honest and sane healthcare.”

-Dennis D.

Natalie has wanted to commend Dr. Jere for a long time.

“Last week my daughter came to me after school crying because of a painful cramp in her side. I could not help her and she was getting frightened because it really hurt her.

“Dr. Jarrett happened to walk by and although he was clearly in a hurry he stopped to examine Juliet, then adjusted her right on the floor of the school. He displayed total care for my daughter with no hint of the fact that his two sons were waiting in the car, and that he had to leave. The pain was completely alleviated and Juliet was handled after the adjustment.

“I have had many chiropractors but never one so obviously interested in the welfare of me and my family. He has completely handled other physical conditions in my body as well as my husband’s.

“I have wanted to commend Dr. Jere for a long time, because I feel it is a mark of a valuable being to be able to help and heal others. He truly gets this product. This last feat with my daughter Juliet really impressed on me the fact that Dr. Jere’s ability and care is far above the normal chiropractor.”

-Natalie S.

Jan is very impressed and very thankful for Dr. Jere.

“Having been to every kind of practitioner over a period of one to two years to find out what the cause of a particular somatic was, and each one saying they didn’t have a clue and had no solutions, I walked into Jere Jarrett’s office as a last resort.

“After 20 minutes Dr. Jere found the problem, which required some minor adjustment and after two treatments I am 80% improved and on the way to totally being handled. I am very, very impressed and very thankful to him for his excellent diagnosis and great service.”

-Jan L.

Dr. Jere has him feeling pain free.

“I’ve been suffering with fibromyalgia for 13 years now. The MDs told me that there is no cure for that. I refused to take medication since it wasn’t going to be a cure. With Dr. Jere’s help and the supplements, I’m pain free and feel energetic. Good-bye chronic fatigue syndrome!”


Missy wants to thank Dr. Jere for treating her like a person and not a number.

“I have been going to doctors for my neck for almost four years from a slip and fall injury. I have been through steroid injections, physical therapy, nerve conduction studies, and several other procedures as well. Then they mentioned surgery with a 50/50 chance of not walking afterwards (scary numbers since I am only 29.)

“It sure would have saved a lot of pain and time if I had met my friends Joey and Lisa sooner. They helped me to see that there was hope for someone in my condition.

“A few months ago I had a really bad spasm in my neck and back area. Everyone promptly helped me get an appointment. I got help and the doctor’s care immediately upon arrival. I was very impressed with the doctor’s care and concern. I tell everyone who I hear complaining about his or her doctors about Family Life and the great success that I have had there.

“Last but not least I also wanted to mention about how impressed I was with the reception desk! My second visit to your clinic they knew my name and what I was there for! I have been going to my other doctor for almost three years and I still don’t think he knows who I am. It made me feel very welcome.

“Most of all I wanted to say thank you for not making me feel like a number, but a person.”

-Missy L

Dr. Jere made a house call at 10pm to make sure everything was okay.

“Haden, my oldest son, was knocked off of his feet and hit his head on the floor. I needed help ASAP! I wanted to make sure he was okay. Dr. Jere came to the house at 10pm. I am so grateful he and Family Life are here. Thank you Dr. Jere.”

-Ardella S.