Auto Injury

Dr. Jere enhanced Barbara’s quality of life.

“I’ve come to Family Life again because the last time I came I got 110% from everyone here.

“Before an auto accident I was working at about 80%; when I was done I was working at 110% and hadn’t this mobility when I was 19 years old. I can look forward to the same results.”

-Barbara M.

Dr. Jere made Mark’s leg feel like new.

“After sitting on my cycle at a red light, I was hit from behind. A week later I was experiencing headaches, right side of neck pain, and lower back pain.

“Since I had been coming here, my headaches are gone, 90% of my lower back pain is gone after two months of chiropractic. My right leg – I feel no restrictions in it. I can bend over without feeling any pulling or restrictions. I can even squat down and walk under low objects on my job site.

“I am an electrician. I feel no restrictions in my right leg. It almost feels like a new leg again.”

-Mark H.

Dr. Jere treated T.F.’s family like his own family.

“A little over a year ago my youngest daughter and I were in an auto accident and became regular patients here at Family Life. Everyone here has been extremely helpful and understanding. I can’t explain how special they’ve made my family and me feel.

“We’re still on the road to recovery but I’d really like to highly commend Dr. Jere and his staff, you are doing a fabulous job.”