Sleep Problems

Sandra is finally getting a good night’s sleep.

“Since having treatments there have been changes taking place within me. I am sleeping full nights, the first in well over a year. Energy levels have increased significantly. When I would do housework on a Saturday; Sunday would be a complete day of rest, lack of energy to do too much. I am going five days strong in a row! I’ve even helped put in flooring at my parents home. It’s an incredible journey I’m experiencing and I’m enjoying it.”

-Sandra D.

Life is suddenly a joy again thanks to Dr. Jere.

“Imagine having three to four hours sleep a night for four years. And that being fitful sleep. Life becomes a struggle as you push through the fog. I had trouble remembering things and my emotional tone was sinking lower and lower. I also tried all sorts of remedies and did all sorts of things to handle, but nothing worked.

“So then I saw Dr. Jere, and he gave me some nutrients to stimulate my sleep hormones. Straight away I had seven to eight hours of deep sleep. Life is suddenly a joy again.

“I have finally ‘woken up’ now that I can sleep! Or, to put it another way, sleeping is now being done when it is time to sleep, rather than being half-done all the time. My thanks to Dr. Jere.”

-Steven F.

At last Sandi is sleeping through the night.

“After going to various doctors, nutritionists, and chiropractors, for over three years, to solve this horrendous problem, it was Jere Jere who finally solved it. With a simple adjustment “here” and “there” and a very few nutrients each day I’m, at last, sleeping through the night! What a joy and lifesaver! I truly cannot thank you enough, Dr. Jere. You’ve turned my life around and made me a most happy, RESTED person!”

-Sandi C.

Thomas’ 37 year-old sleep problem has disappeared.

“I came here to handle my pain on the hip. Now, not only my hip is handled! All my organs are healthy now. And my sleeping problem which I had since 37 years is gone. Nobody could handle it. And I had tried all! Also my spine is now without pain. And I’m feeling better than when I was 18 years old! Thanks Jere and Team!”

-Thomas S.

Now mom, dad and infant daughter can all get a full night’s rest.

“Our 16-month-old daughter never slept through the night and was often up four to six times per night. We tried regular adjustments and vitamins – a little better, but she still was up at least two times a night. My husband and I finally noticed a pattern in the times she woke up.

“When we told Dr. Jere what times she woke up, he knew what to do. Well, she finally sleeps all night. Thank you, thank you Dr. Jere we had given up on ever getting a full night’s rest again!”

-Pam & Tim R.

Thanks to Dr. Jere, Robin is sleeping great.

“I am so pleased and happy with the help Dr. Jere gave me when I was having trouble sleeping. I felt “wired” and wasn’t getting a good night’s sleep. After talking with Jere and having him test me, we discovered my B vitamins weren’t properly balanced.

“Dr. Jere gave me the correct amounts to take and within 48 hours I was sleeping like a baby and the feeling of being “wired” was totally gone! I’ve been sleeping great ever since! My thanks to Dr. Jere for his help and ability to really get to the root of the problem!”

-Robin A.

Hanna is sleeping better and better thanks to Dr. Jere.

“I came with a sleep problem, quite prolonged, over several months, and tried everything under the sun to no avail. After thorough testing, Dr. Jere found two outpoints, handled with two remedies and some adjustments and, from then on, I slept better and better. Such relief! Thank you so much, Dr. Jere.”

-Hanna B