Shoulder Pain

andrea Testimonials

Dr. Jere got Michael out of hip, back and shoulder pain.

I started seeing Dr. Jere after my chiropractor retired and Dr. Jere really got to the heart of my issues. Since I was getting some relief in the past, but my issues never went away, he suggested a ‘whole body evaluation’. This evaluation determined my pain’s root cause. Within two weeks my hip, back and shoulder pain was gone. Now I can walk and sit without any pain. Thank you Dr. Jere.

-Andrea W.


Dr. Jere helped a fellow chiropractor get out of pain.

“After I dislocated my shoulder, Family Life put me right back together. I know, being a chiropractor myself, that it would have taken three times as long to recover without Family Life Chiropractic. Thanks all!”

-Dr. Renatta S., DC

R.D’s pain is now 95% gone.

“For approximately five years I had to moderate to severe shoulder pain on and off. A friend at a gym suggested my injury might be similar to his. He had been diagnosed with a problem in his bicep tendon. Since my pain seemed to be in the shoulder and an MRI showed some shoulder impingement, I didn’t think we had the same problem.

“I decided to check out the chiropractor that alleviated his pain, since nothing else was working for me. After less than three months with Dr. Jere, and a few weekly massages my pain is 95% gone.”


Dr. Jere gets high praise from a peer.

“When I came to Jere I was suffering with shoulder pain that had me incapacitated. I was not able to bend my arm and place it behind my back. I couldn’t even put my arm over my head. The pain was terrible. The important thing to note here is that I have been a chiropractor for over twelve years and consider myself one of the better in the area of sports injury. To add to this I am a weight lifter and train on a regular basis with heavy weights.

“I injured my shoulder and over a couple of weeks it did not seem to heal and return to normal. Over a period of two to three months I tried to get other chiropractors to work on me but none of them were able to properly diagnose the problem or effectively treat me. Nothing was working and I was considering going to an orthopedic surgeon for help. Living in the Indianapolis area I was running out of options.

“I had to quit weight lifting due to extreme pain. The problem got so bad that I could no longer sleep comfortably and was getting half my normal sleep. I feared I would not be able to resolve the problem and resume my weight training which I had done for twenty years. I had been a patient of Jere’s in the past number of years. For a number of months I considered flying down to Clearwater to see him but was unable to get away from work to make it happen. As luck would have it I had to fly to Tampa for business for a couple of days over a couple of weeks. I was so excited I scheduled an appointment quickly.

“On the first treatment I knew Jere was on the right track and when I left his office I was feeling 75%’ better. That day I knew I would be lifting weights again soon. By the second treatment I was sleeping throughout the night and by the second week I was back into the gym. Two months later I am not only back to the strength and endurance I was before the injury, I’ve increased in both.

“Jere, I can’t tell you how much you’ve helped me where no one could. Words cannot explain my gratitude for your care and understanding. I just wanted you to know I consider you the “Expert” in our field and that you possess such incredible insight into patient care that it is seldom seen in health care practitioners, even in the field of chiropractic.”

-Dr. Jim S