Anisia lost 44 pounds on the Ideal Protein program

“All of my adult life I was a size 6 until last year when suddenly I gained 35 pounds in six months. I tried working out, eating less… nothing worked. My weight kept going up.

“The Ideal Protein program put me in charge of my body. On it I lost 44 pounds in six months. I went from a size 12 to a size 4. I now have lots more energy and pop and I feel healthy and happy. And I get to wear cute clothes and everything I put on looks good. That’s fun!

“The Ideal Protein program takes some commitment and discipline, but if one follows the program it is impossible not to lose weight. I know for a fact that I will never be fat again.”

-Anisia D.

Angela now feels 100% better.

“The last time I was here I had just started a new diet which I loved. But I was having a problem in that I was completely worn out all the time. Everything took a tremendous amount of effort. I had ‘zero’ energy. Plus my neck felt continually out of alignment and was painful.

“I told Jere my neck had been really whacked and he immediately checked a couple of nutritional points which showed up as being out. He recommended a couple of supplements and within a day I was feeling tremendously better. It was amazing; I feel 100% better now. Thanks, Jere, for helping me and, my body be perfect again! You are incredible!”

-Angela M.

Donna’s energy level is now 100% better.

“It has been four months since I started. I am off the blood pressure medication. My hot flashes are much improved. My skin is improved, although not yet perfect. My energy level is 100% better. The pressure in my eyes is gone. And I can sleep with the windows open without my sinuses acting up. Yowza!!!”

-Donna M.

Stephen’s energy levels have surged with Dr. Jere’s care.

“I’m doing vastly better physically. It’s been only four visits and 95% of the discomfort is gone. My energy level has also surged which is a very welcome fact indeed. Thanks very much Dr. Jere.”

-Stephen S.

Robin wakes up in the morning energized now.

“Dr. Jere is my miracle! I had no idea that I could wake up in the morning energized fully and feeling totally refreshed – let alone maintain that energy throughout the day! I had been to so many doctors over the years to try and handle this low energy, metabolism problem, but no one ever found anything wrong.

“One visit to Dr. Jere and he totally, fully and correctly spotted the exact cause. He gave me supplements and adjustments to handle the problem, and I saw results immediately. I am so happy and full of energy now! I don’t know how to thank him but I know one thing – I will recommend Dr. Jere to anyone who has some physical problem because he will find the correct solution!”

-Robin T.

Kit no longer feels like a member of the living dead.

“The day I walked into Dr. Jere’s office for my initial exam, I was a very sick person. But I didn’t realize it at the time. I thought I felt how people usually feel when they are thirty-something.

“I had no energy and was tired to the bone most of the time, in addition to being in pain. I would drag myself through the day doing the minimum activity necessary to support my family. I had no social life and no outside activities. I was just too tired to reach out to anyone or anything. The only thing I looked forward to was sleep.

“The primary reason I started with Dr. Jere was to handle back and neck pain and I thought that maybe, if I was lucky, I would gain a little energy and feel a little better in general. Boy, was I in for a surprise.

“After the first visit, my body started going through changes. Some were very subtle, some were drastic. And within two weeks, my energy level went from zero to about 80%. My perceptions and awareness improved and my whole body felt different and definitely better. My world had completely turned around. I realized that life didn’t have to be a chore and that my body didn’t have to be a liability. I could have fun again and take pleasure in simple things. No longer was I among the living dead.

“There are many things I look forward to now, but what I look forward to most are my appointments with Dr. Jere. I know that due to his superb skills, something will happen with each visit. Something will change and improve. I truly feel that Dr. Jere has given me back my life. Thank you.”

-Kit Y.