Knee Pain

Dr. Jarrett helped Mark get active again.

“I feel that Dr. Jere has helped me a great deal. Before I started coming to Dr. Jere my knee was so messed up I could not walk for more than half a mile. This wouldn’t be surprising if I was in my eighties but I am twenty-five. After two months I can now do twenty minutes on both the treadmill and the exercise bike on the same workout and there is no pain.”

-Mark F.

Dr. Jere got Carol walking normally again and feeling no pain.

“While I was on vacation I fell at the beach and landed full on my right knee. I was out of the country and had still two weeks before getting back to town, so I iced and did warm and cold on the knee. But I kept on going, not wanting to spoil the trip with my mom and sister. I limped and hobbled a bit and had to take some ibuprofen for the pain by bedtime to be able to sleep. All that favoring of the knee, of course, caused some symptoms to appear in my right hip and back.

“When I got here to see Jere it was one to two weeks after the injury. He did some adjusting on my knee and back and neck. I immediately felt able to walk more normally, but still had some knee pain. I came for another adjustment a couple of days later and it again improved things a great deal. Then I got a massage from Mary and she worked my right thigh and knee and hip thoroughly. When I left I was walking normally and felt no pain.

“Thanks Jere and Mary and everyone here – the team at Family Life. I’ve been a patient here for many years – and this story is just one example of why I keep coming back! Love ya!”

-Carol G.

Michael would send people to see Dr. Jere without a thought.

“I’m doing much better since seeing Family Life Chiropractic. Dr. Jere took the time to find out exactly what needed to be done and put into action a very precise program. I have even had a knee problem handled that was twenty years a nightmare. It was handled within 30 seconds after Dr. Jere spotted what was wrong! I’ve never had anyone be able to handle this not M.D.s, not other chiropractors either.

“By the way, this wasn’t even the reason I started to come here for treatment. I would send people here without a thought, due to the exacting care that you can get here.”

-Michael H.

In just three months Gladys feels like her normal self again.

“I am from South Carolina and I came down to Clearwater three months ago. I had been under an M.D.’s care for 21/2 years and she made me think all of the pain in my body was just arthritis. Also, the bone at the base of my skull was pushed down onto my neck about an inch and, although the M.D. didn’t know that, said my neck pain was just arthritis, as well.

“I was in an extremely run-down condition. I’d been to other chiropractors and had physical therapy. I could hardly work because of my knee pain. I had no energy to do anything, and I would sleep ten to twelve hours a night. My daughter insisted that I come and stay with her and go to Family Life. She wouldn’t take ‘no’ for an answer.

“I started going to Dr. Jere for treatments and adjustments. My knees hardly bother me now; my neck is so much better, and my energy is better. I can go shopping, work in the yard, and I sleep normally. I have come back to almost my normal self again, and all in just three months. Thanks to all the people involved in my healthcare.”

-Gladys E.