Back Pain

joel Testimonials

Joel thanks Dr. Jere for his quality of life.

“Dr. Jere uses a common sense approach to healthcare. He is a knowledgeable and responsible doctor who cares about his patients. He has provided me treatment to overcome back injuries that otherwise would have required surgery.

“Through Dr. Jere’s expertise I am able to maintain an active and productive lifestyle with little to no effect of the previous damage to the body. Without his compassion, genuine help and expert treatment I know my life would not be what I enjoy today.

“Thank you Dr. Jere for the help you have given me, which allowed me to get natural treatment and avoid the need for medical drugs and invasive surgery.”

-Joel A.

david Testimonials

Injured Ironman World Championship contestant gets back in the game.

“About seven weeks ago I was wheel-chaired into your facility by my wife. I could not walk, in fact, I couldn’t even stand. Just prior to coming in, I had a fluke accident and herniated a disc in my back and a piece of the disc broke off and was sitting on the nerve that went to my hip and upper leg. The burning pain was nearly unbearable.

“I’ve never had any real medical problems. In fact, I was doing great physically. I was training hard for the Ironman World Championships in Kona, Hawaii. This included about 18 to 20 hours a week of swimming, biking, running and yoga. The race is in early October and as I was being wheeled in, I was calculating in my head that I would never be ready to race in my current condition.

“Dr. Jere did his evaluation and looked at the MRI and recommended VAX-D. My first week was very tough. I would come home exhausted and have to go to sleep. I still could not walk. Mark, his able VAX-D technician, was always encouraging and helped me get through the treatments. By the middle of the second week I began to feel better. I had periods after the treatment when the pain was gone. I was encouraged. Sometimes after the treatment Dr. Jere would see me and after his laser treatments I would immediately feel better.

“By the end of my third week on VAX-D I could walk and the pain was really better and I gave up my wheel chair. At the end of the fourth week, I could walk and move mostly without pain.

“Now at seven weeks, I am pain free. I have restarted by my triathlon training program and can exercise without pain. In fact yesterday, I rode 80 miles on my bike and felt good the whole time. And today I was able to do 6 miles on the elliptical trainer (I am not running yet) and swam a mile. I am very excited because I am going to be ready to do my race.

“I want to thank each of the staff a Family Life. I think your name signifies your approach to helping people get better. You make them family. I was not just another patient, I was among family. I was cared for, I was helped, and I could see the excitement in your eyes as I got better.

“You guys are the best and I will recommend you always. Warmest appreciation and thanks!”
-D.M., MD

T.M. attests the only regret you’ll have is that you didn’t do it sooner.

“I have suffered minor to major back pain for over a decade. Several times I was bedridden and in a lot of pain. The recent injury finally led me to have a full examination, which confirmed three slipped discs. At 37 years of age, I was incredibly frustrated at being rendered so helpless and incapacitated. For a person in my situation, surgery was considered the “only option” by the medical profession and an option that I believe would have left me worse off in the long run.

“I am normally a very active person, but this reoccurring back injury was slowing me down and I knew surgery would slow me down even more. Thankfully Dr. Jere and the team at Family Life had an alternative solution to surgery called VAX-D (Vertebral Axial Decompression). To me the name meant nothing other than a non-surgery solution to solving my back problem.

“The treatments were pleasant and I could sense a change in my back within a few days. At Family Life Chiropractic, VAX-D is not just a spinal treatment, it includes disc nutrition too. This I believe helps you heal faster.

“Of course, it’s not something that is suddenly fixed. It takes time to heal such an injury, but after 5 weeks I was walking straighter than I have in years.
“Now several months later I have a more upright posture and feel healthier.

“As part of the ongoing treatment I am now working with a personal trainer to strengthen my body. This, along with the VAX-D, has changed my physique.

“More importantly I am able to function much better in life. I can pick up my kids and carry things without effort. I really didn’t realize just how sensitive my back had become and how over time I had “subconsciously” adjusted to a weak back, which in turn was causing all sorts of other pain and body problems. Since the treatment, I feel healthier, fitter and strong.

“I can’t thank the team at Family Life enough for their care and support. If you have chronic or mild back pain, don’t wait any longer. See the Team at Family Life and get it fixed. The only regret you’ll have is that you didn’t do it sooner. Cheers!”


For the first time R.B. can get out of bed without pain.

“I just completed my fifth week on the VAX-D program and the results are TREMENDOUS!!! I literally have no back pain at all! Some days I don’t even feel my lower back which is amazing because I would usually start my day by stretching to get relief.

“For the first time in my life I have good posture, I didn’t even know what that was prior to this program, my idea of good posture wasn’t even close to what I have now. I sleep through the night 90% of the time and sometimes when I awake I’m in the same position I was when I fell asleep, no tossing and turning anymore. I’ve lost an inch to an inch and half on my waist line from this program. One of my fears was that I would gain weight from being inactive while doing this program, my stomach is flatter now than when I started and I haven’t gain a pound.

“I feel like this program has totally fixed my lower back and has given me the education I need to make sure it never comes back. You learn a ton about the spine and proper weight alignments of the spine while on this program. Now it’s up to me to complete the program and strengthen my core to help support my spine.

“This program has changed my life for the better. For the first time I can honestly get out of bed without any pain. I’m writing this on August 2nd, 2010 without any back pain to speak of!”


Dr. Jere got Lory out of pain and walking again.

“I could not stand up straight and had excruciating pain running through the left glutes, back of the thigh, and my calf felt as if it was in a constant “charlie horse” and my left foot was num and tingling. My primary care physician treated me for a month with pain killers and physical therapy. After a month of suffering my doctor decided I should have surgery.

“A massage therapist friend of mine suggested I get on the internet and look up and go immediately to the nearest location. When I first arrived at Family Life I could barely walk. All I wanted to do was cry from the pain and Vicodin did not help. After several treatments my pain level began to drop. I followed all the recommendation that I was given by Dr. Jere and over the next couple of months I began to straighten up. Near the end of the treatments I got the feeling back in my feet.

“I cannot thank everyone enough who helped me at Family Life. You all are wonderful! Thank you and God bless you!”

-Lory H.

VAX-D ended 14 years of suffering for Paul.

“I have had a total change in the condition of my lower back since doing VAX-D. This had been a 14 year problem and now is healed. The combination of VAX-D and the other spinal care and treatments, along with a nutritional program have given me quite a bit of relief.

“Prior to VAX-D my back was just waiting for the next small thing to cause it to go out. Now it is stable and I know it is better. I am still re-strengthening it but that’s merely putting some muscle basics back to where they should be. The discs are handled and I do not get that old familiar pain again! Mark is excellent and was invaluable in my treatment plan. I will recommend VAX-D to anyone who has that nagging back pain.”

-Paul S.

No longer in pain, John can now get a good night’s sleep.

“When I arrived at Family Life it had been six months since I had a good night’s sleep. I would wake up in extreme pain every day at about 3:00 to 400am. Some days I could barely crawl out of bed.

“Now, thanks to the VAX-D treatment and the staff at Family Life, I can sleep at night and I do not wake up in severe pain anymore. What a wonderful feeling, to not be in pain and to be able to enjoy life fully rested. I strongly recommend Family Life. Thank you very much for dramatically improving my health.”

-John R.

Kathleen can sleep again and without pain pills or muscle relaxers.

“The VAX-D treatments have helped immensely. I can walk better with practically no pain. The pain that prevented me from sleeping is no longer. I am receiving a better night’s sleep each day. I am no longer dependent on pain killers or muscle relaxers. I wish I had known about VAX-D sooner, as I would not have had to live with the pain for as long as I had.”

-Kathleen C

Dr. Jere relieved Charles’ hamstring pain and increased his mobility

“Dr. Jere helped my hamstring injury heal more rapidly and with greater success than other treatments. He not only helped me heal from my injury faster, but also helped me understand the nature of the injury and how to prevent it in the future. Dr. Jere’s treatments had an immediate impact on my pain, and he set a path for treatment that would return me to my normal condition, without the use of medications.”

-Charles C.