Angela is amazed at Dr. Jere’s allergy care.

“Dr. Jere Jarrett’s magic hands are once again performing a miracle on me. I have had a recurring, persistent rash on my neck and a swelling and redness of my eyelids off and on for at least two years. It has been the most frustrating thing. It itched, it hurt, and it looked horrible. I would often have to wear my sunglasses all day as a mask.

“I remembered Dr. Jere had helped me with a major ant bite reaction a few years ago and thought maybe it was a similar thing. So I made an appointment. Inside of 30 minutes he had found several body systems that were out and totally related to my eyes and neck. He did an adjustment to the main area and immediately – like within an hour, the redness and swelling on my eyes was gone!

“He recommended a few supplements, which I have been taking religiously, and two weeks later, my neck is clear, my eyes are clear and the systems that were so out are stabilized! Dr. Jere you blow me away. You are amazing! Thank you, thank you – for ending my mystery and my misery.”

-Angela M.

Dr. Jere’s allergy treatment has changed Diane’s life.

“I want to thank Dr. Jere and the staff at Family Life! I have been undergoing allergy treatments and they are working. I have had lifelong sinus infections and headaches, Since I’ve done only three to four weeks of treatment I have not had a headache or sinus troubles. Nothing else has ever worked. This has changed my life.”

-Diane E.

Her infant daughter can finally get a good night’s sleep.

“My ten-month-old daughter has suffered with a variety of problems, including severe allergies, since birth. Conventional medicine consistently failed to diagnose and treat her. Prior to coming to Dr. Jere, due to discomfort, she never slept for more than two hours at a time.

“After just one visit with Dr. Jere, we noticed a big improvement with her health. Annie is now a happy, peaceful ten-month-old enjoying infancy. Her allergies are improving and she consistently sleeps twelve hours through the night! My entire family will be forever grateful to Dr. Jere for his kindness and medical expertise!”

-Anastasia S