Dr. Jere helped Michelle get the most out of life.

“I felt so bad I was unable to go out and enjoy time with my family, husband and friends. I had been to multiple doctors for many years and none of them could figure out why I was feeling so bad. Dr. Jere helped me to become healthy enough to get pregnant.

“Dr. Jere has helped during my pregnancy to solve a few minor complications without the use of pharmaceuticals or outpatient surgery. Instead he provided me with nutritional advice, recommended supplements and gave me chiropractic care for back pain.

“At 30 weeks my baby was breech. Dr. Jere helped with the use of chiropractic care to relax my pelvic area. I am currently 33 weeks pregnant with a healthy baby who is now in the correct position without any invasive or harmful intervention to the baby or myself.”

-Michelle C.

Sue’s premenopausal symptoms are gone.

“Over the last three months Dr. Jere has been working on my body with great care and expertise and my premenopausal symptoms are gone! My blood sugar is under better control than the last few years, and being controlled easily as never before! No more back aches when sitting!”

-Sue G.

Dr. Jere delivered the fastest pain relief Gina has ever had.

“I am eight months pregnant and was very uncomfortable on one side of my hip. As it is, it’s hard to find a comfortable position, but my hip made it worse. The most painful was when I would lay flat on my back. I saw Dr. Jere and the first thing he did was adjust my hips. Then he had me lay flat on my back to adjust my neck.

“The pain was totally gone! What was originally the worst position became painless in about 10 seconds. That was the fastest pain relief I have ever had.”

-Gina K.

Under Dr. Jere’s care Wendy’s symptoms are 99.5% gone.

“Last October, I developed an extreme hormonal imbalance. I’d wake up in the middle of the night in a panic, sitting bolt upright. I often had heart palpitations. I felt like I had lost control of how my body was going to react, especially at night.

“It was obvious that many of these symptoms were pre-menopause ones, but it was extremely frightening! Dr. Jere put me on a program of supplements and adjustments and gradually I’ve gotten better. At this point, my symptoms are 99.5% GONE!!”

-Wendy B.

Jean got PMS relief without drugs.

“I came in four weeks ago for PMS. A few days before my cycle I would get very emotional, swinging from crying for no reason to anger. Dr. Jere gave me Thytrophin, Ovex and Utrophin to handle my hormonal problem. When I started my next cycle, I had absolutely no PMS! And we did it without drugs! Thank you Dr. J.!”

-Jean M