Nutritional Counseling

Dr. Jere is an expert in nutritional counseling and can help make sure you are getting the right nutrients for your body.

Correct Nutrition: Your best health insurance

“You are what you eat” is truer than most people realize. A body’s function requires the right nutrients to provide it with the energy to operate optimally and to heal itself. Correct diet and supplementation helps heal illness and prevent chronic conditions such as cancer and heart disease, as well as rejuvenate and energize.

Dr. Jere Jarrett comes from a tradition of healing through nutrition. His mother was a celebrity in her home town in Ohio for healing chronic conditions through nutrition alone and she passed on her successful best practices to her son.

Get a Professional Nutritional Evaluation

Dr. Jere will do a thorough diagnosis to determine the right supplements for you.

Dr. Jere Jarrett is an expert in proper diet and nutrition. He has studied with some of the top nutritionists and uses advanced techniques to establish which nutrients and diet will most help strengthen your body or allow it to heal.

Using Applied Kinesiology (also known as Muscle Testing), Dr. Jere can accurately assess which diet and supplements are right for you.

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What the right nutrition can do for you

A powerful combination to remedy even chronic conditions

Thomas Edison, one of the most prominent scientists of the modern age, stated:

“The doctor of the future will give no medicine, but will interest her or his patients in the care of the human frame, in proper diet, and in the cause and prevention of disease.”

Family Life Chiropractic has worked with this approach since we started in Clearwater, often with dramatically fast results.

Using a combination of correct diet, supplementation and adjustments, Dr. Jere can remedy many conditions that medical doctors consider incurable and can only be managed by suppressing the symptoms.

This powerful combination of nutrition, supplementation and adjustments can help conditions such ashormone imbalances, blood sugar level problems and diabetes, blood pressure problems, allergies, sinus problems, fatigue, digestive disorders and chronic headaches.

Eliminate Allergies

Dr. Jere can find the exact source of an allergic reaction so that you can eliminate this allergen from your diet or environment.

In many cases, the allergy comes from a poorly functioning hormone or digestion, causing the body to not process the allergen properly. Dr. Jere uses diet and supplementation, and sometimes chiropractic adjustments, to remedy the poor functioning.

Attain optimum health, high energy and a longer life!

Numerous studies over the last 10-15 years show the importance of the right nutrition in avoiding chronic disease and increasing longevity. Studies show that conditions that are the leading cause of deaths in the United States, such as heart disease, cancer, stoke and diabetes, can be avoided or reversed through diets low in meat and dairy and high in nutrient-dense foods, such as leafy green vegetables.

Each person, however, has individual needs and Dr. Jere can help you establish the right diet for your health. Sometimes a long-term deficiency can only be remedied with a course of supplementation in addition to a change of diet.

By giving the body what it needs to operate, people experience surges in their energy levels and continuous feeling of wellbeing.

Lose weight healthily, and keep it off!

We all know that diet is important in weight loss, in fact the verb for losing weight is “to diet.” However, as anyone who has attempted unsuccessfully to lose weight knows, not all diets are effective.

There are certain factors that are important to take care of for weight loss to begin, such as the state of your fat-burning hormones and allergic reactions. Dr. Jere conducts a weight loss evaluation to get you on the right path to lasting and healthy weight loss.

Deficiencies in our modern diet

A standard American diet is hugely deficient in the nutrients the body really requires for high energy, wellness and longevity. Even a healthy diet can be deficient due to lack of nutrients in soils and scarcity of essential but rare nutrients.

Dr. Jere can find out where your diet is lacking in important nutrients and recommend proper diet and supplementation. He can also establish if there is any part of your diet that is creating nutritional deficiencies.

High-Quality, easily absorbed supplements

Dr. Jere carries the highest quality supplements.

Dr. Jere has selected the best supplements and vitamins for the purpose needed. These supplements, some available only through healthcare providers such as chiropractors, are high quality, highly absorbent, natural and effective.

Best of all, Dr. Jere will determine which supplements and how much of each you need for your health condition or to help keep your body strong.

Find out what diet and supplementation you need for optimum health!

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