Muscle Testing

Additional Diagnostic Tool with Applied Kinesiology

IMG 8075 Muscle Testing in ClearwaterAlong with the Health History, Physical exam, X-rays, blood work and other traditional diagnosis, Dr. Jere Jarrett uses the revolutionary diagnositic tool, Applied Kinesiology developed by Dr. Goodheart in the sixties. Dr. Jere had the priviledge and good fortune to receive training and attend techinque seminars taught directly by Dr. Goodheart.

Also known as muscle testing, this diagnosic tool can enhance the doctors examination skills to find out what is going on and what is functioning abnormally. It is also used to test potential remedies for efffectiveness and foods and other substances for possible allergic reactions.

How does Muscle Testing work?

Muscle Testing is based on the underlying principle that the body is run by chemical and electrical signals that are sent from (and back to) the brain via the spinal cord and the fluid nervous system. All of our organs are controlled by the brain and nervous system, and our hundreds of muscles are controlled by and connected to the nervous system.

If there’s an interference with electrical messages, the result is a weakened muscle. A healthy, unafflicted muscle is naturally strong and will resist average resistance. What you probably think of as simple muscle strength is actually a much deeper connection to nerves, organs, glands and all of the systems of the body.

Learn more about how muscle testing works. Read Dr. Jere’s article under why muscle testing works tab.

“With Thanksgiving just around the corner I thought I’d write you because I’m so thankful!—for all that you do to help me keep improving my health.

“Over the years you have helped me handle my body conditions. The muscle testing that you do is so accurate in helping find what needs to be handled and what supplement or adjustment is necessary.

“I consider you my primary physician Dr. Jere. I can count on you to fully listen to my concerns and handle my body effectively, efficiently and with lots of caring.”

-Ann S