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Back Pain Relief

Get immediate and lasting Back Pain relief

Since 1988 Dr. Jere Jarrett has brought effective back pain relief to hundreds of Pinellas County residents through his state-of-the-art natural methods that require no drugs or surgery.

Dr. Jere trained under leading chiropractors at the world-renowned National College of Chiropractic. Over the years he has continued with his studies and research and has accumulated extensive experience in how to effectively treat even the most challenging back problem.

Less known, but a major cause of back pain are nutritional or hormonal imbalances. Even allergies to certain food substances, such as wheat, can cause back pain.

Locating the exact source of the problem

Due to the multiple possible causes of back pain, it is important that the exact source of the pain is isolated in order to effectively treat it.

Dr. Jere uses diagnostic tests to get to the root cause of your back pain. He studies your medical history, a detailed questionnaire of your symptoms and lifestyle and takes low-dose x-rays as needed. If you have MRIs, he will review these. A principal tool Dr. Jere uses is Applied Kinesiology, colloquially known as muscle testing.

The importance of muscles in solving Back Pain

Applied Kinesiology is a type of diagnosis that uses muscle testing as a primary feedback mechanism to determine how a patient’s body is functioning. Muscles are the stabilizing forces for bones, including the vertebrae of your spine. In muscle testing Dr. Jere can find the muscle systems that are not doing what they should be.

Dr. Jere uses the information isolated to create the most appropriate pain relief treatment plan for your back problem.

Effective treatment for relieving Back Pain

Dr. Jere utilizes a variety of treatment methods to get and keep people out of pain. His state-of-the-art treatment methods have proven effective in helping thousands of people and his honed skill and considerable experience have given him a 98% success rate.

Chiropractic Adjustments

Chiropractic adjustments bring motion back to stuck joints, reducing nervous system disruption and allowing the body to heal and return to normal. There are a variety of methods of adjustment in existence, named by the chiropractor that developed the adjustment (such as Gonstead or Palmer technique). Dr. Jere uses whichever will work best for the individual. He makes sure that the adjustment is acceptably gentle for the patient.

VAX-D Spinal Decompression

VAX-D spinal decompression is a painless technique where precision instruments are used to pin-point exact areas of the spine to decompress. It is mainly used for bulging and herniated discs that are pressing on the spinal cord.

By creating a vacuum in the disc, VAX-D treatment allows blood to flow in and deliver nutrients that heal it.

Cold Laser Therapy

Cold laser therapy is proven to painlessly stimulate tissue growth and repair. The cold laser accelerates healing, and decreases inflammation, swelling, muscle spasm, stiffness and pain.

Nutritional Counseling

Nutritional assistance is key to full relief of pain and recovery from back pain. The combination of chiropractic adjustments and nutrition is very powerful. While the chiropractic adjustments open up the nervous system flows, proper nutrition supplies the necessary nutrients needed for full healing.

Dr. Jere has extensive training and experience in nutritional counseling. He gives specific recommendations on nutritional supplements and diet choices to relieve your back pain and return you to optimum health.

Massage Therapy

Massage can relax muscles, increase circulation and reduce stress-related pain. Our Massage Therapist is highly trained and very popular!


Dr. Jere can provide appropriate exercises to help speed recovery and relieve pain.

Exam, and Consultation Special Offer

Dr. Jere uses a series of diagnostic tests to establish the cause of your back pain and to devise an effective treatment plan.

Your Exam, and Consultation includes:

  • Complete diagnostic chiropractic exam
  • Comprehensive consultation
  • First chiropractic treatment
  • Health evaluation
  • Learn your treatment options
  • Get any questions answered

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*See restrictions and limitations on the Offers page.

Tips for preventing Back Pain

If you have back pain, your lifestyle may be to blame. Here are a few tips for preventing back pain:

  • Get the right mattress for your bed.
  • Sleep either on your side or your back, using pillows for support.
  • Take a minute after awakening to stretch fully and let your body wake up.
  • Wear shoes that have arch support in the feet.
  • Keep your back muscles strong and practice good posture.
  • Get a chair that provides support for your middle and lower back at work.
  • Sit at eye level to your computer screen, so you don’t have to look too far down or too far up to do your work.
  • Don’t pull items that are heavy, push them instead.
  • When lifting anything that’s even remotely heavy, use your knees to bend and help lift.
  • If you’re using the right posture to lift something and still feel pain in your back or joints, stop lifting.

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