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3 Common Running Pains and How to Fix Them

3 Common Running Pains and How to Fix Them

If you go running on a regular basis there is a good chance that you will be prone to certain injuries. While this type of exercise can be beneficial, it also often leads to knee and hip pain. However, there are other running pains that you may encounter as well. When you do, be sure to visit our sports chiropractor at Family Life Chiropractic in Clearwater, FL. Dr. Jarret will assess your pains and develop a treatment plan.

Chiropractic Care for Running Pains

Perhaps more than any other, Runner's Knee is among the most common injuries sustained while running. The pain it causes comes from swollen tendons directly under or over your kneecap, with under being the more common of the two. A stiff hip or ankle is often the root cause of the problem. The stiffer these body parts are the more pressure is placed on your knees, leading to the ensuing pain. To prevent knee pain it is recommended to avoid running too often. Routinely participating in strength training can also be a viable solution.

Hip pain is almost as common as Runner's Knee. It can stem from nothing more than muscles that are too tight. The repetitive motions required to run often place pressure on your hips, leading to ongoing pain. When you run too often or too aggressively it can cause bursitis. This is when a sac filled with fluid that cuts down on your joint friction bursts and washes away the fluid. It is the lack of fluid in the joints that can cause this type of pain when moving around.

IT Band Syndrome is a running pain that also affects your knees and hips. This condition causes inflammation and can leave you feeling like you have stiff knees. The best way to avoid this inflammation is to work on improving your balance.

Contact Family Life Chiropractic in Clearwater, FL

As soon as you start to experience these types of pains, be sure to schedule an appointment with our chiropractor at Family Life Chiropractic. Chiropractic care is an excellent alternative to pain medication for your running pains. Call us today at 727-447-4647 to schedule an appointment.