Chronic Fatigue

In our stressful society chronic fatigue is unfortunately a common problem. There are many, many reasons why someone could experience a continuing fatigue problem. These include hormonal problems, such as adrenal gland failure, digestive problems, allergies, yeast infections, parasites and low-grade infections.

Dr. Jere Jarrett locates the root source of the fatigue and devises a treatment program to renew your body’s energy reserve and stop the chronic fatigue.

Conventional care for Chronic Fatigue

A standard conventional medical treatment is to prescribe hormones, especially thyroid hormones. But a lot of hormone medications, like thyroid medications, can cause the gland to stop producing hormones, which ends up aggravating the chronic fatigue.

Another conventional treatment is to prescribe an anti-depressant, which can cause various unwanted side effects. Plus this treatment assumes the patient is actually depressed, which may not always be the case.

People often take “energy foods” or supplements to remedy their fatigue, but to no improvement in their condition. This is because they are either not taking the right supplements or they are unable to absorb necessary nutrition.

Get effective treatment for Chronic Fatigue

Muscle testing is used to help find the source of your fatigue.

Dr. Jere is trained to deal with fatigue problems and has been successfully treating it for decades. Your chronic fatigue could be caused by adrenal problems, allergies or digestive issues to name just a few causes. Dr. Jere utilizes diet evaluation and muscle testing diagnostic techniques to discover the exact cause of your fatigue and will then treat it with safe, natural methods.

His objective is to correct the cause of your fatigue so it does not return rather than just cover up the symptoms. Dr. Jere uses chiropractic adjustments to open up the flows of energy in the body, combined with a targeted nutrition and supplementation regimen.

Exam and Consultation Special Offer

Dr. Jere will do a thorough exam and consultation.

  • Complete diagnostic exam to determine the root cause of your condition
  • Consultation
  • Includes first treatment
  • Health and medical history evaluation
  • Lifestyle and diet evaluation
  • Full treatment plan, including lifestyle recommendations and diet and supplement plan
  • Get any questions answered

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